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Beginning research

So I’ve begun my research with Hans Reiser’s The Naming System Venture whitepaper, which is now no longer available online. Unfortunately the Wayback Machine doesn’t provide the diagrams, so unless I can find anyone with a mirror of it (so far unsuccessful) then I shall just have to do without them. Incidentally, I am also writing it up again myself, so I will make a PDF available here.

The more I read and re-read this paper, the clearer some of my own ideas become, and it seems to me that my initial intuition that I would have to write my own database system seems more valid. The only thing is that I had been thinking in terms of a relational database, as that is all that I have really had experience. I have plans for multiple indexes (or indices, whichever plural you prefer) linking into the data, with particular optimisations for finding distinct items.

I have also found an interesting project by a student called Onne Gorter at the University of Twente, in the Netherlands, written in August 2004. He aimed to create a database filesystem in O’Caml, integrated fairly tightly with KDE. He took quite a different approach to me, which is refreshing and reassuring, but he also took my planned name. Now I need a better one… but he has a useful bibliography, which may indicate some further items to read.

Finally, I have also briefly investigated Google’s BigTable system, and that also has some interesting ideas. I shall have to consider this further. Maybe later I will write a post explaining some of the things in my DBFS journal, a.k.a. The Book Of The Project.

And still the research continues.

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