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All change

This is going to be difficult. First, allow me to set the mood with some suitable (but extremely stereotypical) background music. With some very mixed emotions, I have made the tough decision to leave the Operations team at DataSift in the middle of September. I started working here in January of this year, and I […]

Why not to use -m match and –state with iptables

Something I learned recently: The iptables tool is wonderful, especially if you’re suddenly getting a lot of traffic that you don’t want. Recently, I’ve been seeing a message in the logs, warning “ip_conntrack: table full, dropping packet.” “WTF? How can the connection tracking table be full? I’m not using connection tracking…” It turns out that […]

In-place array uniq in C

I’ve been developing Insight even though the uni project has come to an end, because it’s fun! I also want to make it more stable and eventually release it under an open-source licence of some kind. There will be an update coming soon, I promise! I now have Internet, so I can write up some […]

A funny thing happened today…

So, today our ceiling fell in. With about as much warning as that! I was in our kitchen, preparing a cheese toastie for lunch. I opened the oven to put it under the grill to melt, while talking to one of my housemates. Suddenly he yelled “Move… MOVE!” and shoved me back. Up until he […]

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