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Lyrics to “Bold Sir John” by Miscellaneous

Oh! bold Sir John was young and fair,
And bold Sir John was gay.
He said, "I'll tread the morning dew,
To take the air and listen to
The twittering of the birds all day,
The bumblebees at play,
The twit, the twit, the twit, the twit, the twittering of the birds all day,
The bum, the bum, the bum, the bum, the bumblebees at play."

So bold Sir John, he went his way,
Observing nature's farce.
"Dear Mother Earth, oh! tell me, pray,
Why elephants live so long, they say,
Your flies live but a day,
Then they drop dead upon the grass,
Your flies, etc.
Drop dead, etc."

Now bold Sir John, he met a maid,
As on her back she lay.
"Please show respect, and come not near,
For I've seen many a maiden here
Get lost among the new-mown hay,
So doff your hat I pray,
Get lost, etc.
So doff, etc."

Then bold Sir John assured the maid,
He was just passing by.
He said, "Fair maid, now fear me not,
For, though me blood be wild and hot,
Addicted to love's ways I'm not.
No cocksure rake am I.
Adic, etc.
No cock, etc."

When bold Sir John returnèd home,
They gave him gin to try.
"Nay, fill me not with liquor up,
Nor give me grape nor grain to sup.
Pour cowslip's dew into my cup.
A puritan am I.
Pour cow, etc.
A pew, etc."

"Pour cow, etc.
A pew, etc."

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