A Mind Less Ordinary

The web presence of Dave Ingram


I have written a number of modules, programs and scripts that other people might find useful. These are split into sub-sections based on type. I'll be filling these in as I have time...


As the owner of a couple of Android devices, I have started developing for the platform. I currently have two apps in the Android Market, and plans for more.


I have written two modules for Apache, one of which is under active development. More information about these modules can be found in this section.


Insight is the name I have given to my semantic file system. More information is available both in this section and my blog.


I have written extensions for the Mozilla family of applications. One of these is FolderCheck for Thunderbird. More information can be found in this section.


I use PHP a lot, and I have plans for a library of useful snippets, tricks and hacks as well as writing a couple of extensions for the language.


This is somewhere that I will use to store useful scripts that I create or find.