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Hi! I'm DaveDMIIngram, a Release Engineer for Google and based in Mountain View, California. I can be easily reached by tweeting @dmi on Twitter.

Projects & Contributions

I am a contributor to various open-source projects, and I also enjoy giving talks on technical subjects. I was also an active and enthusiastic member of London Hackspace, where I could often be found hypnotising people, soldering, or building something. I occasionally blog about programming-related or other technical matters, when I have the time.

I also seem to have a huge number of projects in progress at any given moment. I really love designing and creating software, especially if there's a challenge or it's something new. It's great to know that people use the programs you make, and would miss them if they were gone. I am deeply involved in Ingress, an alternative reality game made by Niantic Labs@Google.

I'm also more than happy to chat about any ideas that people have, although I don't often have the time to do any more than talk!

Recreation & Relaxation

I play a couple of musical instruments, and I am slowly creating an archive of lyrics and sheet music for songs I particularly like.

I also enjoy creating SVG images from logos or other artwork from time to time. I find ambigrams especially fascinating. Some of the more interesting ones are in this section.

Finally, the more adventurous alcoholics among you may be interested in my dangerous cocktail, known as the Wizzard of Oz.

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