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I enjoy coding in many languages, and I have contributed to many projects, as my time allows. I am always eager to consult or work on projects using all sorts of languages and technologies. Feel free to contact me for further details.

A library for making long, unwieldy select boxes more friendly.
Contribution: Support for items that are both selected and disabled.
A high-performance wrapper for Foursquare's OAuth API which provides parallel/<wbr>asynchronous calls.
Contribution: bugfixes and E_STRICT safety.
A community-driven site that brings together prople sharing knowledge and ones giving feedback.
Contribution: JavaScript bugfixes.
OAuth Consumer/Provider extension for PHP.
Contribution: bugfix: Recognise HTTP Authorization header case-insensitively. [patch]
The web interface to Facebook's internal code review tool
Contribution: better handling for auto-generated files
Contribution: various bugfixes
A PHP 5 IRC bot
Contribution: updated ID handling for Twitter's Snowflake algorithm.
A tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners.
Contribution: new functionality: flexible parent directory owner/group checks. [patch]
A high-performance wrapper for Twitter's OAuth API which provides parallel/asynchronous calls.
Contribution: bugfixes and E_STRICT safety.
A jQuery plugin &ndash; make your form controls look the way you want them to
Contribution: bugfixes.
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