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Tracks from Tunes by Spiers and Boden

1. The Sportsman's Hornpipe [Instrumental]
2. Monkey-Cokey [Instrumental]
3. The Old Lancashire Hornpipe, The 3rd Beekeper [Instrumental]
4. Dee-Light [Instrumental]
5. Flapjack and Firesticks, The Minor Rigged Ship [Instrumental]
6. Stoney Steps Hornpipe [Instrumental]
7. Cuckoo's Nest [Instrumental]
8. Cheshire Waltz [Instrumental]
9. Fireside Polka, Rampant [Instrumental]
10. Union [Instrumental]
11. Dearest Dickie [Instrumental]
12. Blow the Winds [Instrumental]
13. The Shropshire Miner [Instrumental]
14. Trunkles [Instrumental]
15. Sportsman's Hornpipe (Slight Return) [Instrumental]

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