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You may have arrived here either because you've found something on this site particularly useful or interesting, or you're curious and clicked around. However you got to this page, Now is the time where I'd like to ask you to donate some money to my cause.

I write software, build things, and transcribe music and lyrics because I love doing it and I hope it will make someone's life better in some small way. Having said that, it would also be great if at least a few people would show their appreciation for what I do. It can only encourage me to do more, while giving my wife reason to let me carry on!

Where will the money go? There are always bills and rent to be paid and food to be bought in order to stay alive... and it would be nice to get a pretty present for the wife every now and again ;-) So please, give whatever amount (large or small) you feel is fair for how you've benefited. Were I a showman, I'd say “Any amount is fine, large or small, as long as you fold it up first...”

Thank you.

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