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Ceilidh Dances

Among other information, each dance is given an approximate difficulty level, using the scale below:

Dance Name Difficulty Set type Tune type
Albert Quadrille Square set 48-bar polka
Apple Tree Square ★★ Square set 32-bar jig/reel/polka
Barley Reel ★★ Longways 4 couples 48-bar jig
Boston Tea Party ★★ Longways 6 couples 32-bar jig/reel/polka
Bridge of Athlone ★★ Longways 5 couples 48-bar jig
Broken Sixpence ★★ Longways minor duple 32-bar jig/reel
Circassian Circle Grand circle 32-bar reel
Circle Waltz ★★ Square set 32-bar waltz
Coming Round the Mountain Square set 32-bar reel/polka
Cornish Six-Hand Reel ★★ Three couples side-by-side 64-bar jig/reel/polka
Country Bumpkin ★★ Longways 5 couples 32-bar jig/polka
Cumberland Square Eight ★★★ Square set 64-bar reel
Drops of Brandy ★★★★ Longways 5 couples Unphrased jig/slip jig/reel
Falling Masonry ★★ Longways 4 couples 32-bar jig
Foula Reel ★★★ Longways 4 couples 32-bar jig/hornpipe
Four around four Longways 4 couples 32-bar reel/polka
Grandfather's Clock ★★ Square set 48-bar reel/polka
Holmfirth Square Square set 32-bar jig/reel
Katie and Dave's Wedded Blisters ★★★ Longways 3 couples 32-bar jig
Oxo Reel Longways 6 couples 32-bar jig/reel
Rozsa ★★ Couple dance 32-bar waltz
Stoke Golding Country Dance ★★★ Longways 4 couples Unphrased slip jig
Strip the Willow Square ★★★★ Square set 48-bar jig/polka
Swedish Masquerade Couple dance 48-bar own tune
The Snowball Longways 5 couples 48-bar jig
The Willow Tree ★★★ Longways 8 couples 48-bar jig/reel/polka
Twelve Meet ★★ Triplet square set 32-bar jig/reel/polka
Witch's Reel ★★ Longways 4 couples 32-bar reel
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