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Back at Uni

So, I’m now back at University – it feels good to be back! I’ve moved back into the same house as last year, with the same guys as before, which is great. They’re a wonderful bunch, and we live more like a family than a collection of students.

Today was the Freshers Fair, and it was great to see a lot of people again after six months away. I saw a few people from the department, as well as some other very good friends and my dance partner. It’s amazing to realise just how much I’ve missed everybody, and how glad I am to be there with them again. I’m really going to miss this place when I leave this year.

Anyway, I was on a stall for Imperial Entrepreneurs at the Freshers Fair, and it was fantastic – I personally talked to loads of people and handed out lots of flyers. We had about 200 people sign up, which was more than we’d hoped. With any luck, we’ll see most of those at our launch event on 23rd October. I really enjoyed talking to everyone and trying to convince them to join. Happily, there were a few who asked to join the moment I said “hello”, which even I can’t credit to myself.

On a more personal note, I also signed up as a staff member of the brand-new Website and Software Society, and they seemed really excited to have me on board. I may perhaps do some lecturing later this year for them on various subjects, which will be fun. We also had some contact with the new student media conglomeration, Mosaic, as we know some of the people behind it. I won’t say any more on that for now though. Finally, a woman appeared out of nowhere on the IE stand, asked what we did, then told us she was a local resident and wanted some part-time computer work done. Naturally, the details got handed to me, so we’ll see where that goes…

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