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4 on Demand: Improved

For all that use 4 on Demand, the video-on-demand service for Channel 4 in the UK, I have a useful tip for you. Although it has a large number of programmes available for free, its interface is (to say the least) highly annoying. But there is a fix!

Disclaimer: This is non-standard usage of 4od, and while they may not be able to detect you doing this, there is a chance that this may violate their terms of service. I’m providing this method only for reference purposes, and for convenience in navigating their system, in a similar way to the BBC‘s iPlayer.

It’s essentially simple: instead of bringing the 4od system up in its own little window, use a browser. I’ve only tested this with IE7 (as that’s what runs within the dedicated 4od application window) but I see no reason it won’t work with Firefox too, as the BBC site does.

“But wait,” I hear you cry. “I don’t know the URL!”

Well panic not, for a little network sniffing later gave me this: http://vodapp.grid.channel4.com/c4site-web

Now you can open program downloads in multiple tabs so that you can just click “confirm” on each of them and let the downloads begin. This makes queueing an entire series for download at once much easier!


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