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Insight: The current plan

As it comes time to work on my project again, it’s time to take stock and work out what my plan of action should be.

Looking at the code I have already, I think it’s clear that there is no way I will be able to write a kernel-level file system driver within the 2-3 weeks I have left. Fortunately, I had more or less expected this (as writing kernel code would be likely to take quite a while and be quite complex!) so I’m retreating to my fallback position: a FUSE-wrapped program that will interface with the metadata store.

Also on the cards is the use of Check as a C unit testing framework for my tree code – if I have time. At the moment, getting something to work is far more important than proving it is correct or works in all cases.

Finally, I need to come up with and write the demo programs, and I will shortly be posting about this and then asking the Twitterverse for ideas 🙂

Time to enter Deep Coding Mode.

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