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Insight: The semantic filesystem that I’m creating for my Masters thesis

A content-based file manager

I’ve been thinking recently about Insight again, and I’ve been considering part of the problem with naming and uniqueness. Names in a traditional file system are made unique based on a full path to the file, but most people think of a file name as just the final component. This would then cause a problem […]

In-place array uniq in C

I’ve been developing Insight even though the uni project has come to an end, because it’s fun! I also want to make it more stable and eventually release it under an open-source licence of some kind. There will be an update coming soon, I promise! I now have Internet, so I can write up some […]

Insight: An update

Just a very brief update for the last few days: Files can now be opened and read – writing and deletion coming soon! File import does tend to confuse ln, as it expects the new destination to be a symlink rather than a file. Nothing I can really do about this for now though! I’ve […]

Insight: Where am I now, and where next?

So I’ve been in Deep Coding Mode´┐Ż for quite a while. What have I got to show for it? Well, the short answer is that Insight is now a functioning file system… for a given definition of “functioning”.

Insight: The current plan

As it comes time to work on my project again, it’s time to take stock and work out what my plan of action should be. Looking at the code I have already, I think it’s clear that there is no way I will be able to write a kernel-level file system driver within the 2-3 […]

Insight: FUSE

Well, I’m now ready to start playing around with FUSE and see where it gets me. I’m getting quite concerned now by how little time is left… we got our exam timetable yesterday, and it doesn’t seem too bad… although we do have two exams on the same day at one point. Still, I’ve got […]

Insight: Work so far…

Insight is progressing, but slowly. I’m working on the first prototype, which should essentially prove the concept of the indexing system. It turns out that writing a B+ tree is more awkward than I had thought, which is slightly depressing, as that is meant to be the easy bit! Then again, once the tree is […]

Insight: First report done!

Well, after much hard work, criticism, and more: the first report is in! I’m actually only writing this post two weeks later because once it was done, I just had to take some time to catch up on everything else I’ve been letting slide while working almost non-stop on this report. This report has outlined […]

Insight: Finished reading about BFS

Well I’ve recently finished reading the BeOS File System (BFS) book, and it was a very interesting read. There was a lot of useful information there, and it really helped me think about the system I’m writing. I’ll put some of the ideas that came to mind in this post.

Insight: The presentation

I had a meeting with my project supervisor earlier, during which we discussed a few things about the Insight project. One of the things he reminded me about was that I have to give a presentation and demo of my project at the very end. This will be interesting, especially for my project. The demo […]

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