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FolderCheck Thunderbird Extension

This is something I’ve been meaning to write for a while, and finally got round to doing. Basically, it’s a simple Thunderbird extension that makes it easier for you to check other folders for new messages. I’ve named it FolderCheck* (rather unimaginatively), and it’s available from the Mozilla Add-ons site sandbox. The problem is that, […]

Coolermaster CoolDrive 6

Well this has been a bit of a saga so far. I’ve been working on Linux support for the CoolerMaster CoolDrive 6 (CD6 henceforth) which I currently have in my computer. It has a USB connection, and an inbuilt Prolific PL2303X USB-Serial converter. Sadly, I’ve been struggling with uncooperative C code that I’d found which […]

Automatic email forwarding

Well I got fed up with email filter rules last week, and this is the rather bizarre result: autoforward, a Perl script and configuration file that will automatically generate Exim filter files (.forward files), mainly to be used on my University account. My email processing rules have become pretty complex and messy, making them difficult […]

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