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Shortcut for including social JavaScript

A while ago, I noticed that a lot of the social JavaScript plugins (Facebook, Google+, Twitter buttons) use pretty much the same code. I decided this was wasteful, so I refactored the common code into a tiny snippet. Now all you need to do is add the JavaScript code below to your page inside a […]

Gracefully degrading jQuery edit-in-place

I recently became curious about creating some edit-in-place controls: things that look like static text until you click them, and they magically become editable. It turns out that creating this sort of thing is almost trivial with jQuery, which is now my favourite JavaScript framework. I’m a big fan of functional-style programming, and jQuery plays […]

A content-based file manager

I’ve been thinking recently about Insight again, and I’ve been considering part of the problem with naming and uniqueness. Names in a traditional file system are made unique based on a full path to the file, but most people think of a file name as just the final component. This would then cause a problem […]

mod_sqltemplate: A distraction from work

I’ve begun the long and (hopefully) interesting task of working on mod_sqltemplate. �I have not yet found a tutorial or guide to working with APR’s DBD API (the database abstraction layer for the Apache Portable Runtime), so I’ll write one and publish it here as I go along…

Modules for Apache and PHP

The number of projects I have in mind just keeps growing… I really need to get something together to organise them, and remember them! But here are two more to add to the list: an Apache module for dynamic configuration generation and a PHP framework inside an extension. Read on for a monster post with […]

In-place array uniq in C

I’ve been developing Insight even though the uni project has come to an end, because it’s fun! I also want to make it more stable and eventually release it under an open-source licence of some kind. There will be an update coming soon, I promise! I now have Internet, so I can write up some […]

Overflowing with ideas

I’ve found myself overflowing with ideas as I try to focus on revision, so I thought I might as well scribble some of them down, if only to get them out of my head! To name the prominent few: More on Partis and its future A web service integration API proposal A PHP system to […]

FolderCheck Thunderbird Extension

This is something I’ve been meaning to write for a while, and finally got round to doing. Basically, it’s a simple Thunderbird extension that makes it easier for you to check other folders for new messages. I’ve named it FolderCheck* (rather unimaginatively), and it’s available from the Mozilla Add-ons site sandbox. The problem is that, […]

Coolermaster CoolDrive 6

Well this has been a bit of a saga so far. I’ve been working on Linux support for the CoolerMaster CoolDrive 6 (CD6 henceforth) which I currently have in my computer. It has a USB connection, and an inbuilt Prolific PL2303X USB-Serial converter. Sadly, I’ve been struggling with uncooperative C code that I’d found which […]

Automatic email forwarding

Well I got fed up with email filter rules last week, and this is the rather bizarre result: autoforward, a Perl script and configuration file that will automatically generate Exim filter files (.forward files), mainly to be used on my University account. My email processing rules have become pretty complex and messy, making them difficult […]

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