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All change

This is going to be difficult. First, allow me to set the mood with some suitable (but extremely stereotypical) background music. With some very mixed emotions, I have made the tough decision to leave the Operations team at DataSift in the middle of September. I started working here in January of this year, and I […]

Life moves on

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated anything here. Insight is moving along, but has currently stalled while I’m in exam mode. I’m not going to talk about that though � this is a rare personal post.

First day of work!

Well today was my first day at my 6-month work placement. I was pleasantly surprised by how quick the admin stuff was to sort out. I got all my passwords and usernames and everything (aside from a few hiccups). I’d even been receiving email since February, which I thought was quite impressive. Add to this […]

Exams: one down, three to go

Well that was nowhere near as bad as I’d expected. In fact, it was almost good (and I finished 30min early)! Turns out that Derren Brown’s memory techniques actually work, if you apply them 😉 Well done to Motti for predicting Oticon coming up. I’m just waiting for others to finish so we can go […]

Dedicated hosting

I now have something to distract me when I should be preparing for exams (although, naturally, it won’t). Retiarius has just purchased a dedicated server from FastHosts (on which server this blog is now running) and so I’ve been spending time setting it up. So far, it has Apache, BIND, MySQL, PHP4 and PHP5 in […]

My current projects

So, what am I working on at the moment?

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