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A content-based file manager

I’ve been thinking recently about Insight again, and I’ve been considering part of the problem with naming and uniqueness. Names in a traditional file system are made unique based on a full path to the file, but most people think of a file name as just the final component. This would then cause a problem […]

Overflowing with ideas

I’ve found myself overflowing with ideas as I try to focus on revision, so I thought I might as well scribble some of them down, if only to get them out of my head! To name the prominent few: More on Partis and its future A web service integration API proposal A PHP system to […]

Insight braindump

Well this is going to be a very random and unstructured post, but I just wanted to note down a few thoughts and ideas before I forget about them… and I’ll probably update this a couple of times before finally giving in and making it a page. This is an evolving post.

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